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We Are Specialists in the Herbs for Essiac*

We are experienced herbalists who specialize in providing high-quality, pre-mixed Essiac tea herbs.   We have been drinking, growing, harvesting, drying, mixing and selling Essiac tea herbs for twelve years.  We adhere strictly to the documented formula and recipe for Essiac tea that nurse Rene Caisse was using after more than fifty years of research.  Rene Caisse specifically stated that sheep sorrel roots were essential to the Essiac tea formula.

We derive most of our information and documentation from Rene Caisse, Mary McPherson, Sheila Snow, Mali Klein and Dr. Gary Glum.  Sheila Snow & Mali Klein have collectively written several well-documented books on Rene Caisse and Essiac tea.  These books are the only handbooks in the world that reveal how Rene Caisse used various herbal combinations to treat cancer and other ailments.  However, today many people drink Essiac tea simply because it is a well-known, pleasant-tasting health drink.  To learn more about Essiac tea, the best online source is HealthFreedom.info.

The sheep sorrel roots that we use as part of the Essiac formula are grown naturally without any pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilizers in northern Idaho in mineral-rich soil that has never been farmed.  The sheep sorrel leaf, burdock root and turkey rhubarb are certified organic.  Slippery elm is certified organic and wildcrafted in the eastern US. 

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Questions?  Email info@Essiac-Tea.org or call at (208) 874-2523.  Office hours: Monday through Friday, 9-5 p.m. Pacific time.  If you catch us out of the office, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

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*We do not sell nor are we associated with the trademarked (TM) or registered (R) "ESSIAC" products that are sold by other companies in Canada and the US.  We only sell the herbs so that people can make Rene Caisse's tea in their own homes.  Rene Caisse never registered, patented or trademarked "Essiac" which was simply her last name spelled backwards and was originally a native American herbal remedy for cancer.  The word "Essiac" was in common usage in the 1930s, decades before anyone tried to corner the market by "registering" or "trademarking" the word "Essiac".  Furthermore, we only use the "Essiac" formula which Rene Caisse's best friend, Mary McPherson, officially entered into the public domain in a sworn affidavit in 1994 in Bracebridge, Ontario.  This formula uses Turkey rhubarb root which is much more pleasant tasting than the Indian rhubarb products on the market (which is why Rene Caisse switched to Turkey rhubarb in her final Essiac tea formula).  The HealthFreedom.info website has posted Mary McPherson's "Essiac" formula affidavit here.  That is the formula we use.

The information on this page and on this website is for historical and general information purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice.


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